win a free giclee - week 4 results

A thousand thanks to everyone who entered week 4 of the competition. Again we had to hold out on this one a little bit until we had a few more entries but I'm sure as the competition gains popularity we'll be able to judge on a more regular weekly basis.

Firstly here is one of the highly commended entries by Richard Hurst:

Richard Hurst.jpeg-500px-.jpg

Richard HurstA magnificent effort and an image that would calm me down after a hard day at the office. You can see more of Richards work on his website.

The winning entry is from Diogo Miguel Juiz Ferreira (what a lovely name!):

Diogo Miguel Juiz Ferreira-500px-.jpg

Diogo Miguel Juiz FerreiraWe love macro shots; and what really stood out to us is the planet like collection of water in the center of the leaf. The reflections and detail are really intriguing and the shadows on the edges of the image lead you into the center - super composition.

Here is Diogo's description of the image:

This photo was taken in plain winter after a rain shower and the moisture of the weather created droplets in several plants in the morning. This allowed me to catch this droplets floating in the plants. This particular photo had the perfect lightning conditions to photograph, letting me capture a major droplet in the center surrounded by all the other droplets converging also to the center.

Here are some photos of the print that we'll be sending Diogo printed on Illford Pearl paper:


You can see more of Diogo's work here. View the other commended entries in our competition gallery.