Week 7 - Results (At Last!)

Its been a long wait for this next round of results. I promise we haven't been lazy, we just haven't had enough entries to be able to judge it until now! I hope that people who have had entries highly commended but haven't won will try again each week as we love the images we're featuring in the galleries.

Please do let us know if you're having any exhibitions by the way as we're happy to feature them on the site if they are relevant.

This time around we have had a mix of urban scenes, portraits and moody landscapes sent to us. We've had a notable entry from Leon Lester entitled "Integration". A digitised version of a 2008 work of acrylic on canvas. We love textures and this work really caught our attention, it has a depth and mesmeric feel to it. My biscuit ended up disintegrating in my cup of coffee after staring at it too long...

Leon Lester.jpg

Integration by Leon Lester

You can see more of Leon's work on his website here. Moving on to other entries, the majority were photographic and submissions of note include a portrait by Alexis Calhoun:


Alexis Calhoun

and a really fun colourful image that gives us a nostalgia of fair ground moments by Adam Regan:


Adam ReganThe winner? A perfectly timed shot that I know from experience is really difficult to get right.


Eddie Think

The photographer Eddie Think used an external flash to get this just right. Here is a description in his own words of how he did it:

"The photo is off a spring evening, when my friend Robbin and I went over to the local skatepark in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We shot this photo in about 10 tries with an external flash to make him "pop" out of the background a lot more."


Printed A3 on Fotospeed Matt paper with archival inksClose up on Point101's Matt paper stockYou can see more of Eddie's work here: tagsters.nl and tagstersmagazine.com. And of course the rest of the commended entries and higher resolution photos of all images featured in this post are in the week 7 gallery here. Get those entries in fast for week 8 so we don't need to wait too long for our next round up!