Melissa Alaverdy - THINGS THAT SING

THINGS THAT SING is a growing line of prints & products created by Melissa Alaverdy.

Most of the designs have been inspired by and adapted from archaic to pre-20th century tribal & folk artefacts – with an emphasis on the diversity and timelessness of native voices and innate style.

Whether the inspiration is a detail from a Siberian carp skin coat, a pattern on an African dance shield or a medieval faience bowl from Persia, each print has A STORY TO TELL and comes with information about its design origins.

Some prints have words, a quote or proverb – things that repeat and resonate, but don't tire. The design on these are led by the quote.

Melissa has her Giclée prints produced here at Point101 on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 gsm. 

You can buy Melissa's Giclée Prints form here website Each Giclée Print is signed, titled & numbered by Melissa. She also has a great range of other items.